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A back alley near the box's resting place.

A back alley near the box’s resting place.












An initial journey to Europe was taken in January 2012. The purpose of that trip was to establish and confirm that the multi storey building in which the box containing valuables belonging to Jews picked up for transport to concentration camps in 1942, was still standing. This was accomplished; the structure is intact and accessible.

So, what’s next for the documentary, Dead, Buried, Forgotten…?

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The building staircase.

Time is of the essence. First, we are beginning a detailed research phase. Our search for answers in pursuit of the full story will take us to locations far and wide, with an obvious focus on archives in Europe. As well, the National Archives in Washington, D.C., family records in California, and repositories at several other venues will add to our knowledge base. This research and development phase (R&D) will result in a production treatment that will give us a blueprint for bringing this amazing true-life story to the screen.

Concurrently, we are proceeding with two elements crucial to the successful development, production and distribution of this documentary.

1. To unfold, understand, and ultimately communicate the story with historical integrity, artistic appeal and educational value, we have created a distinguished committee of Friends and Advisors that includes academic, social, artistic, legal, historical and philosophical leaders from within the United States, Canada and Europe.

2. We have become members of the International Documentary Association and have applied for Fiscal Sponsorship of this “501(c)3″ non-profit organization. This allows for tax-deductibility when accepting support for this project from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

The professional experience of the Creative Team combined with input from our advisors ensures the production resources – technical and human – are the best in the industry. The result will be a thought-provoking, uplifting, and memorable documentary with the highest production values.

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Locked gate behind the building.

The ultimate goal of the project is to document the journey which ultimately led to the discovery of the box, which was dutifully buried for safekeeping more than 70 years ago. Once the contents are recovered and secured, all efforts will be focused on researching the return of the entrusted keepsakes to possible surviving family members. Any objects that cannot be repatriated will be donated to a major European museum.

Ultimately, our feature documentary will be the cornerstone of a multimedia effort to tell the story of Dead, Buried, Forgotten. Additional strands will include a companion book and an educational interactive website. A featured museum exhibit is also planned.

We invite your comments and inquiries. Please use the Contact form if you would like to request further information about supporting Dead, Buried, Forgotten.

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